Extended Reality Sciences (ERS) has partnered with two revolutionary companies, Every Asset from Universal Asset Sciences and Every Construction (a partner of Every Asset) to produce a new world revolution within the construction sector, along with automotive, marine and air sectors

With our partners, we are creating the next generation of management of any construction, from concept to recycling and empowering the future constructions through the world’s largest data set and data science experts. We are embracing the Internet of Things and 5G to prepare our world for a better, more efficient and less damaging solution for our environment and the people living with us each day. Our team includes some of the worlds most seasoned experts in computer science, construction, CAD software, BIM software, augmented reality and architecture.

The Problem

The Problem


The world of architecture, construction and ongoing management is still very much a thing of the past.  Companies burning revenue, wasting time and creating burden on the environment through pointless travelling to sites.  Consultants spreading themselves so thinly that companies must recruit more people in order to satisfy demand.  And ongoing service, maintenance and operations management still operating on secluded management systems, many still employing Microsoft Excel!

Extended Reality Sciences was born through the need to fix the problem and help the sector traverse into the new world of architecture, construction and operations and lifecycle, uniting all players into a efficient team.  To do this, we had to look from the grassroots upward and employ a global team of experts and partners to drive the solution forward.




Extended Reality Sciences (ERS) has partnered with two revolutionary companies, Every Asset from Universal Asset Sciences and Every Construction (a partner of Every Asset)

Every Asset is simply the world’s most powerful and agile asset management solution, based on a unique take on Distributed Leger Transactions. A hybrid of hybrids, with governance and regulation at the very centre of the platform. With the agility of templating solutions, components, buildings and the entire hierarchy of all parts of any component, even before coming to life, the assets are starting their lifecycles. With immense information from servicing data, recycling, safety and regulation, along with dimensioning, CAD objects and images / videos, visualising a building or an aeroplane before construction is at the fingertips of every allowed person and company.


Every Construction leveraged the power of Every Asset, taking the power of the solution to the desks of architects. Through a unique plugin for Revit, AutoCAD and Solid Works, the designer and entire team can subscribe to asset templates live within their interface. CAD blocks or Revit families are dropped into the drawing at run time, and all information including the dimensions, construction data and regulatory information populates the project – live. The time recouped on projects is immense and the assets are easily purchased later with another partner product – Simply Procured.


With the two aforementioned products, the entire lifecycle from concept through construction to operations and finally, recycling is captured, and vast amounts of life data are available to better quality, lower cost and longer lasting constructions into the future. However, ERS with our experts in augmented and mixed realities have embraced the projects and combined to build the digital twin of any model developed within the products.




Imagine a command centre, where architects, consultants, engineers and even clients can interact from anywhere in the world. This is now the reality with Mixed Reality Sciennces

A place whereby they are able to visualise not only the building for instance but explode views to drill deep into any asset which is attached to it. Imagine HVAC engineers, elevator consultants and fire safety consultants being able to view live data of the assets in a virtual world. Imagine being able to view data sheets, service information, special instructions and videos of the products, before they have even been manufactured. Imagine being able to execute calculations, complex tests and risk management of the entire development, from anywhere in the world, at any given time.

During construction, the engineers wearing AR glasses can see exactly which asset is placed where within the site. They can see the digital twin against the physical construction and view technical data and all the information stored regarding the component, including installation instructions, videos and images. The command centre can interoperate with the construction engineers, live and see the assets of the real-world taking shape within the virtual twin. The engineers can view the digital twin overlaid on the real-world construction, providing key point data, GPS data and positioning of XYZ data through the powerful MR interfaces. There is no need for architects, back office project managers, consultants, or support engineers of the components to visit site, saving time, money and our environment.

Now, imagine the hand over to the client. Daily operations, monitoring and maintenance are controlled centrally, and diversely with partner organisations. Elevator engineers can see the entire lifecycle of the elevators, service data, safety data, instructions and past videos or photos from other engineers. Experts can interact with them through the control centre, being invited by the operations team. We have even partnered with another partner of Every Asset, Oper8 – designed to leverage all asset information and allow streamlined building operations, management and contractor management through a common Salesforce interface.

The Solution



With a complete, unified solution, the future of the sector, partners and clients is under vast changes and Mixed Reality Sciences are there to help pioneer the next generation of construction and management.

“The time is now for the entire industry to embrace the technological avalanche we are experiencing globally…”

Now more than ever, it is paramount that technology is used to fix the many global problems. We are in the fastest period of change we will ever experience and sectors need to move forward, rather than being left behind. Mixed Reality Sciences has a unique position, through being part of a modern venture capital portfolio. This has opened up an incredibly strong number of complimentary products, companies and people, creating an eco-system which we are proud to be a part of.Within the eco-system, we have a reach to a global audience, support from the very best people and further, an entire range of Alpha and Beta testers, providing focus groups, material requests, product improvement and solution exchanges. Mixed Reality Sciences is ready to develop to a world leader in the sector.




If you are in the sector and looking for the solution, or are a potential partner, we would love to hear from you – Let’s Talk!